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"Where Do I Start?"

The journey of selling your home is filled with peaks and valleys along the way! I absolutely love navigating through the process of selling a home!

As your trusted real estate expert, I will assist you as we go through the steps ensuring that you're comfortable and that we're on track to get you the most out of the sale of your home.

I can provide recommendations for legal guidance, home inspections and all of the documentation required when selling a home.

Most importantly I will do my best to make the journey fun, low stress and as enjoyable as possible!

Selling Steps

Meet & Greet - Consultation

This is the first time that we get together to talk about selling your home. We will review your expectations, your homes evaluation, market conditions and potential listing price that you are comfortable with. This is also the time for us to review my qualifications and experience to build your confidence in me as your agent. Finally I will review these steps with you so that you are prepared as we move forward.

Property Listing

During this step we will discuss fair market value of your home which will determine the listing price. The market evaluation will include information specific to your home, current listings, sold properties and recent trends. Pricing your home competitively in line with the market is imperative; too low or too high is not an option. We will also review potential renovation opportunities and staging that if completed will provide you a greater ROI.

Marketing Your Property

At this step we will sign a Listing Agreement that allows me to market your home to potential buyers. I utilize both traditional and technology/digital marketing. Your home will be posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Listing websites, Social media pages (mine, brokerages, partners). Along with professional 2D photos, I also take this a step further and provide a 3D Virtual Tour of your home. This 3D Tour allows me to expand the reach of your property to potential buyers who may not be able to physically walk through your home. With the 3D Tour, potential buyers can virtually walk through the property.

Offers & Negotiating

Once a potential buyer has extended a formal written offer on your property, I will provide this information to you to which we will review together. I will assist in providing professional input and solely represent your best interests in the transaction. Once an offer is accepted we will move the documents and details to your lawyer for review and closing.

Legal Review

Once conditions have been removed, I will send the documents to your lawyer for review. Should you require a lawyer I can refer you to one that I have successfully worked with in my career. In most cases the buyer will request a property inspection. Should any deficiencies arise, they may want to negotiate costs of repairs. Finally the funds from the buyers will be sent to your lawyer and finally to you once contracts have been fulfilled.

Congratulations - Closing Date

All contracts have been fulfilled and funds have been transferred. I will meet with you to receive the sold property keys and deliver them to the new buyer or buyers agent. Now that this transaction is complete, we can begin the search for your new place!!

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